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7th June 2014

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6th June 2014

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Finally got some time to relax! Maybe even get some personal work done. We (I) may not be back for a few more moments, but hang in there with us (me)! Thank you! 
                                                                                          - Beastkachu

30th April 2014

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Welp. Summer’s here.


Still can’t relax.

25th April 2014

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I am going to be away for a very long time. Something has come up that desperately needs my constant attention. If you are one that has been waiting for an update, it may not happen at all in the time frame you have imagined. Once more, this is an issue that is incredibly important, and rest assured, if I do return, I will make that known as I should. But until then, these doors are closing up, and will remain so for as long as they are needed. Take care and Stay Beastly.

8th August 2013

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Caseli found the Miranda Rights. He practices saying them to himself when he is alone in his respite block. He thinks he sounds super cool!

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10th July 2013

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Maid of Space~!


Maid of Space~!

10th July 2013

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Anonymouse asked:

000-> l 7o 7he e 7o 7he s i r u know you want me! only ques7ion here is whos firs7?


:33 < sorry anon, I don’t think you’ll have any luck spitting game here

Lesiru, are you hitting on humans~?

000->  is i7 wrong 7o do a li77le experimen7a7ion once in a while?

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10th July 2013

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Anonymouse asked:

000-> l 7o 7he e 7o 7he s i r u know you want me! only ques7ion here is whos firs7?


:33 < sorry anon, I don’t think you’ll have any luck spitting game here

000-> spi7 wha7?
000-> oh righ7 7ha7 phrase
000-> shoo7 well I guess well have 7o see wha7 happens la7er now won7 we?

3rd July 2013

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Arrow of Matespritship

Pyooo! Miss. Pyooo! Another miss. No matter what the azure blueblood Prelis Chagil did, his arrows always missed the bull’s eye, rather, hoofbeast’s eye, of his targets. Each arrow was always off in some manner, coming close, but shying away from marksman perfection. The more he missed, the more frustrated he became, and it was starting to show.

"One more arrow.", Prelis kept promising to himself. But what started as "one arrow"  earlier became two, each missing perfection. He was certain this time, he had got it. He squinted his eyes, lining up the arrow with the hoofbeast’s eye, and pyooo! He fired again! This arrow became much like the others in the sequence of failures.

"You’ve got to pe kidding me!" Prelis growled. As one who should show mastery over the bowkind, his sudden inaccuracy baffled him to no end. One of such noble blood should never miss is target! Or so he thought. He decided to quit practicing and check up on his friends. There waiting was a message from the handle prosecutorDefacto, which belongs to the lowest of all lowbloods: the Rust Blood named Caseli Akenis. Whether it be out of lingering malice or some other form of pity, Prelis, the intuitiveLexicon, decided to reply to this lowly worm.

PD: Pwelis! I think I know mowe about this cewtain pwedicament!
IL: I do not care to hear it, lowplood.
PD: Huh?
IL: You have contacted me at a most vexatious hour.
IL: If you have something to say, lowplood.
IL: I’d pest make it quick.
PD: Oh. Well.
PD: Maybe my news can wait.
PD: If you don’t mind, what’s wwong, Pwelis?
IL: It is none of your pusiness.
PD: Oh.
PD: Sowwy fow asking.
PD: Ow attempting to ask.
PD: Sowwy fow the pwocess of asking. I think.
IL: Your fumpling mannerisms only irk me.
IL: Put if it quickens your depparture… I will allow you a fraction of insight into the hours leisure sppent py nopility such as I.
PD: Is it youw awwows?
IL: What gives you the right to assume, lowplood?
PD: I’m sowwy!
PD: It’s just.
PD: The last time you wewe angwy was aftew you missed a tawget with youw awwows.
PD: And befowe that, my moiwail made you miss a tawget, and you wewe livid.
PD: I’m sowwy fow assuming.
PD: I’m twying to be a detective, wemembew? So I have to pay attention to evewy single detail.
IL: As outlandish of a goal that is.
IL: You are correct.
IL: I have recaliprated my distance and readjusted the targets, put the results are all the same.
IL: Impperfection.
IL: I suppppose that one so acquainted with failure such as yourself wouldn’t know how to avoid these results.
PD: That was uncalled fow, Pwelis.
PD: But I think I know how to help you.
IL: I shall humor you.
PD: How about taking youw awwows and focusing weally hawd on that special twoll.
IL: Such as to kill them?
PD: No, no!
PD: That twoll you would weally weally like to have as a Matespwit.
PD: Concentwate all of youw wed feelings into that one awwow and…
PD: Pyooo!
PD: Welease the awwow!
PD: And evewything you’ve evew wanted to say in one shot!
IL: That is idiotic.
IL: A mindset fit for a spprawling wiggler.
IL: And it suits you.
PD: =(
IL: I shall take my leave now, lowplood.

Prelis left Caseli and got up, taking a look at his bow and a set of arrows. He thought immediately of Kymali. How she was so interesting to him. How for someone with Jade blood, she was so intriguing, so much of an assistant, calming his frustrations.  She, of everyone Prelis knew, was an intellectual equal to him. And he found that attractive. Thinking back to the lowblood’s suggestions, Prelis decided to act upon them. Taking his bow and a single arrow, he went before a target and stood at a distance. He admired that his hive had enough space to provide him with an excellent shooting range, albeit a rocky environment set among mountain peaks. He focused his mind on Kymali alone, setting aside every frustrating impulse. He thought about her, admired her, until her image was affixed to the front of his mind. He began to think about the words he would say, and how he would say them but the words didn’t seem to flow. He began correcting himself as he would others’ grammatical mistakes. The more he thought, the more he felt his arms shake, and his aim stray. He tightened up his form and steadied himself, keeping Kymali where he was told. His eyes narrowed. He let the arrow fly.

Pyooo! Vit!

 The arrow hit dead center, right on target.

"Ah! Pperfection!", shouted Prelis. He held up his bow in victory. It actually worked! He focused his mind and his aim returned! But he remembered who his mind focused on. Even when she was not present, she assisted him. She calmed the storms of his mind yet again. Days would pass, and Prelis would see Kymali. They walked, talking together. Prelis would say what was irritating him, and Kymali would reassure him and keep him calm. As always. Prelis stopped short, and let Kymali continue walking, not noticing that he stopped. He took his Archer’s Form, and although he had no bow in his hand, he took aim at Kymali.

"Some day." Prelis said internally. "Some day, I shall pposition my pow. To tell you how I feel. Put not with my arrows. Put my sentiments. An arrow of matesppritshipp aimed dead center at you, Kymali."

"Prelis~?" Kymali asked, finally turning to see him aiming an invisible arrow. "What are you doing~?" This snapped Prelis out of his inward monologue.

"Hm? Nothing, Kymali. Just ppracticing."

"You look silly~" Kymali giggled. She waited for Prelis to catch up as they continued walking together.

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18th June 2013


[PD]: Lament on new finding.

BX made me play this game fwom a sewies named “Call of Duty.”, and it was tewwible! All the shooting and howwow , bloodshed, and cawnage. And evewybody had a biggew weapon than me! Whatevew happened to the twusty sideawms? BX said evewybody would be using pistolkind. I was wwong. So vewy vewy wwong.

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